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River Cities Community Sailing Program
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Sailing Time-Share (TS) Program

The concept behind the Sailing Time-Share (TS) Program is to provide adults, who have completed RCCSP sailing classes (or nationally recognized equivalent courses - with learned skills demonstrated to RCCSP instructors), access to one or more sailboats on which they can continue their sailing experience and improve and enhance their skills.

This content and associated registration forms are being updated; check back with this web page for later modifications; or contact us at RCCSP@SailLouisville.org

Who is eligible:

Adults who have completed, at a minimum, RCCSP beginning sailing courses.  Eligibility may also be satisfied with the following process: 1.) displayed credentials/certificates from other equivalent, nationally recognized sailing school courses; 2.) an acceptable demonstration of learned skills to RCCSP instructors while enrolled in an RCCSP sailing course.

How it works:

During the seasonóJune through October, members of the TS program are able to go out on one of the Programís keelboats when the boats are not being used by RCCSP for sailing classes and/or other scheduled activities.

The Program boats ó currently a 23-ft Sonar and 26-ft. Ericson ó are managed by an overall TS manager who is responsible for TS boat scheduling, rules adherence, and ensuring that an RCCSP certified skipper is on board.

Once registered, TS members are responsible for working with the Program to help prepare the TS boats for launching and launching them in the spring. During the season a work party may be called to wash boats and to deal with basic maintenance tasks.

Once launched, usually the middle to the end of May, members can reserve a boat to go sailing. Reservations are handled through the TS manager. (The reservation procedure is detailed in a separate document.) TS Members are not to sail a boat on their own; an RCCSP certified skipper must accompany the TS member/group of TS members.

TS members must set up sailing times and a sailing course plan with the TS manager; this is accomplished using the TS email list-server that is accessible to all registered TS members.

At the end of the season, TS members must participate in taking the boats out of the water, cleaning and winterizing them (if any winterizing is necessary) and preparing them for winter storage.

Racing Option:

A racing option has been developed through which members can choose to race aboard the Programís 23-ft. Sonar (boat named JEM, in the Derby City Sailing Club's (DCSC) two, 8-week, Wednesday Night Racing Series and at least one of the seasonís major regattas - Captainís Quarters Regatta. The JEM currently races in the DCSC JAM A class.

TS Members, who sign up for the racing option, become the Sonarís racing crew on a rotating basis, and the crew has the opportunity to helm the boat during different DCSC race venues. A certified RCCSP TS skipper must also be onboard.

The TS Sonar racing team (independent of RCCSP) is responsible for adhering to DCSC registrations, administrative fees, racing procedures, and other DCSC requirements. 

Overnight Trips:

The RCCSP does not permit overnight trips or after-dark operations within the context of the TS program.


The TS program has two guest options.  Option 1. allows members to take one or more guests a limited number of times whenever there is room on the boat (registered TS members have priority seating). Option 2. TS members pay a guest fee ($150.00) which allows the TS member to host/sponsor a single, registered guest and take them out sailing an unlimited number of times, and to reserve a spot (seat on the boat) for the guest.

Members who chose Option 1, can bring one or more guests with them when they arrive at the dock, after making a reservation. However, if the boat has a full complement of TS members, the guests will not be able to participate in the sailing event. If there is not a full complement of TS members who want to sail during that specific outing, guests can fill the available seats on the boat. Each boat has a maximum complement (seating capacity) of TS members which includes the certified TS skipper. The complement for each boat is as follows:  Sonar-5, and Ericson-4.

Option 2. allows TS members to pay a guest fee of $150, which gives the TS member the right to take one guest out sailing multiple times through out the season. The benefits of Option 2 include:  the ability to take the guest out on an unlimited basis; the TS member can make a reservation for 2 people (one being the guest), and the guest is guaranteed a seat on the boat. The specific registered guest seat is only available during sail outings with the sponsoring/host TS member.

The guest options are not available with the Racing Option.

All guests must complete/sign a liability waiver form (part of the registration documents). The hosting TS member must scan/email the document(s) to RCCSP@SailLouisville.org; and notify the TS manager of guest participation prior to any boarding and sailing event.

Significant TS Program Rules:

No alcohol allowed on board any RCCSP vessel; Personal Flotation Device(PFDs)/life jackets must be worn at all times; no after-dark operations (excluding late-season, racing team mark retrievals when necessary); an event sail plan (vessel name, souls/names on board, itinerary) must be recorded and approved by the TS manager prior to departure (this is easily accomplished via the TS email-list-server); an operating communication device (mobile phone with known number, two-way radio, etc.) must be onboard; any equipment damage/malfunction must be reported to the TS manager; TS rules adherence may affect TS membership status.

The Season:

The sailing season is generally considered the beginning of June through the end of October. We expect to be able to move the boats to their assigned dock about the 15th of May. However, boats will not be launched until all season prep work is completed.

The Fee:

Registration date options:

As noted in the section on guests, there is a guest fee.

Bring a Guest:

Note: Registration for the time-share program will be accepted from adults after they have successfully completed a beginning RCCSP class or equivalent.

More Information:

Ready to time-share the sailing way? Contact the River Cities Community Sailing Program or download the registration forms.

Download TIME SHARE Registration Forms