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River Cities Community Sailing Program
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Adult Skipper's Certification (ASC)

This is typically a one day, 8-hour class (or as modified by the RCCSP instructor depending on student skill level) and it is a validation of the skills that you have learned and developed through the RCCSP beginning and intermediate classes, or (with displayed credentials) skills learned from other equivalent, nationally recognized sailing school courses).

This class has been designed for those students who are members of River Cities Community Sailing Program's (RCCSP) time-share (TS) program.  RCCSP TS skipper certification confirms that you have the skills and the temperament to be in command of a specific TS boat.  And, as a certified skipper you can take a boat out on your own, as long as you have at least one other TS member with you.

During the class, you will be asked to prepare the boat for departure; tack and jibe the boat in a crisp and accurate manner, within the prescribed 90 0 and 60 0 range, respectively; steer to a course while maintaining proper sail trim; execute a crew overboard drill, bringing the boat to a stop along side the person; demonstrate the proper manner for hove-to and reefing a mainsail and docking the boat cleanly.

Additionally, you will receive an orientation on outboard gas and inboard diesel motors, VHF radios and the protocols to be followed in using them, use of fire extinguishes in dealing with onboard fires, strategies for avoiding running aground and strategies to free yourself if you do run aground; placement of fenders and securing the boat at the dock, use of lights after dark and reading weather signs.

Prerequisite: Successfull completion of: 1. RCCSP beginning and intermediate sailing courses; or 2. (with displayed credentials) completion of skills learned from other equivalent, nationally recognized sailing school courses and an acceptable demonstration of such learned skills to RCCSP instructors. Since the TS boats have different helms, configurations, engines, sail configurations, and operating requirements, the skipper certiifications may be limited to a specific boat, and learned skill equivalency demonstrations may be required for each type of TS boat.

Class Length:   8 hrs.; one day, Saturday with a 1/2 hour lunch break, or as modified by the instructor depending on student skill level and weather or safety considerations.

Class Size:   Minimum of three (3), maximum of four (4)

Fee:   $125

Timeshare Skipper Certification Class Schedules are based on enrollment demand. Contact RCCSP@SailLouisville.org for enrollment and scheduling.  

July Classes

ASC-01 Normally on Saturdays as coordinated 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

October Class

ASC-02 Normally on Saturdays as coordinated 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Download SKIPPER CERTIFICATION Registration Forms

If paying online:  Make payment securely through PayPal with credit card or your PayPal account. After payment return to this page to download and complete the registration forms if not done so already.