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River Cities Community Sailing Program
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About River Cities Community Sailing Program

The River Cities Community Sailing Program (RCCSP) is a non-profit organization that teaches children and adults how to sail.  The Program had its beginnings in July of 1996 when a group of sailors met to establish: articles of incorporation, by-laws and a filing for non-profit status.  In the spring of 1997, RCCSP was granted non-profit status, and in the summer of 1998 the Program offered its first youth camps - with a student enrollment of 36 students that first summer.  Since then, the Program has taught hundreds of youth between the ages of 10 and 17 to sail in beginning, intermediate, advanced and beginning racing sailing camps.

SonarThe adult portion of the Program started a year after the youth program. A 26-foot Ericson cruising sailboat was donated to the Program and it became the primary teaching boat.  Several years later, the Program received a 23-foot Sonar sailboat in donation, and it has become the boat on which all adult beginning students learn to sail.  The Ericson is now used for intermediate classes.  In 2006 the Program initiated its sailing time-share program through which adult students can continue to sail and improve their skills, whether cruising or racing.

Mission Statement

The Program's mission is to enrich the lives of Kentuckiana children and adults through sailing; teaching them boat handling skills, water safety and sportsmanship in a safe and fun environment.  Through sailing, the Program strives to develop competence and confidence in its students and instill in them an enjoyment for the competitive and recreational aspects of sailing.  It works to provide opportunities for children of all socio-economic backgrounds and abilities to participate in sailing.

Its goal is to instill a taste for sailing, inspiring them to continue sailing and to revel in its challenges and pleasures.

For more about the Program please visit our FAQ page.

Roger's sig

The About River Cities Community Sailing Program information was updated in 2017 and commemorates the memory of the late Roger Kennedy, the original RCCSP President - and a Sailing Legacy