Louisville Sailing Club


Louisville Sailing Club
Big Fun In Small Boat Sailing!

Launching Facilities

THE HOIST AND CRANE at the Louisville Sailing Club permits easy launching and retrieval of the boats without the use of ramps. Not only is it quicker but it saves wear and tear on the boat bottom, very much appreciated by racers both at the Club and those visiting. If you are new to the Club, or if visiting from out of town, it will pay to review the usage guidelines below to become familiar with the operation. Launching of the boardboats, such as Laser and Sunfish fleets, is accomplished by the convenience of the seawall storage of these boats allowing them to be hand-launched over the edge. Since nature of the light-weight one-design construction, hand launching serves all purposes. Whatever launching method is adapted to your needs, you can be sure that other Club members will always be glad to assist you at any time. For emergency boat retrieval there is a single concrete-surfaced ramp available for trailer access.

Hoist and Crane Usage

Electrical Switches

Turn on switch in clubhouse at beginning of the day and off at end of the day to prevent unauthorized usage. Turn on second switch located on the crane.
Moving the Crane Around
To prevent electrical failure or shock, do not pull with the black electric wire connected to the up/down control. Use the chain or rope attached to the hoist being careful not to pull the crane beyond the 350 stop. Do not allow the chain and rope to twist around each other.
Lifting With the Hoist
Use a bridle designed for your boat and can withstand the wave shock action during set-down. Do not overlift where too much chain may go into the hoist. Never walk under a boat or lift over another boat in the water. Be sure the centerboard is up and bridle secured without twists or wrapped around anything in the boat. Do not start or stop the hoist repeatedly while carrying a load. Keep it smoooooth. Watch your mast... the most common damage.
Launching Courtesy
Help with the controls for the boat ahead of you when launching and behind you when retrieving. Be prepared to move your trailer into and out of the launching area quickly. Before entering the launch area pre-rig as much as possible, including rudder and tiller. After launching, move your boat to a dock or cast off to finish setting up.