Louisville Sailing Club


Louisville Sailing Club
Big Fun In Small Boat Sailing!

Race Committee Crew Duties

Part of the membership at Louisville Sailing Club involves helping keep the club’s facilities in good shape and helping with activities.

  1. Bring in garbage can from gate.
  2. Empty trash from restrooms and upstairs.
  3. Check the orderliness of club house and grounds.
  4. Turn on hoists.
  5. Check out race equipment.
    1. Cannon.
    2. Megaphone.
    3. EgoBlast air horn and pump – It is recommend that this horn be reinflated between each race.
    4. Flags.
    5. Race results sheets.
  6. Remove cover from Committee Boat.  
  7. Check gas and oil on the Committee boat and skiff.
    1. Purchase gas that would be sufficient for all use and emergencies.
    2. Turn in any purchases to the LSC Treasure for reimbursement.
    3. Make sure that both boats have:

i.   Anchor.
ii.  Life Jackets.
iii. Fire extinguisher.
iv. Paddle.
v.  Rescue ring and line.
vi. Air Horn.

  1. Hoist Skiff into water and secure to dock.  Make sure you can start it in case it is needed for rescue.
  2. Set up flags and audible devices.
  3. Set marks for races.
  4. Run races. 
    1. Saturday – Thistles begin at 2:15 and last race must start before 4:15.
    2. Sunday – Lasers begin at 11:00.
    3. Sunday – Highlanders begin at 2:15 and last race must start before 4:15.
    4. Handicap fleet can race at any time.
  5. Starting the race: (When the flag reaches the top of the land mass the time starts.  The flag over rules any audible sound.)
    1. Thistles and Highlanders have a five minute start

i.   Five minutes – Start gun and class flag.
ii.  Four minutes – Flag + horn.
iii. One minute – Flag comes down.
iv. Start – Class Flag comes down and gun.

    1. Laser and Sunfish have a three minute start.

i.   Three minute – Start; Gun and class flag.
ii.  Two minutes – Two whistles or two short horn blast.
iii. One minute – One whistle or horn.
iv. Thirty seconds – Three whistles or three short horn blast.
v.  Twenty seconds -  Two whistles or two short horn blast.
vi. Ten seconds - One whistles or one short horn blast.
vii. Start – Start Gun and lower class flag,

  1. Secure the arms of the hoist.  Turn off hoists.
  2. Place all racing equipment neatly in the cabinet.
  3. Put race result sheets in file box in cabinet.
  4. Turn off all lights.
  5. Check club house and grounds to make sure it is orderly.