Louisville Sailing Club


Louisville Sailing Club
Big Fun In Small Boat Sailing!


FROM THE BEGINNING, Louisville Sailing Club membership dues and docking fees have been minimal and are made possible because each member contributes manual labor towards the maintenance and improvements of club properties.


The LSC Clubhouse accomodates for sail storage in the lower-level, along with restrooms and showers. The upper-level houses a full kitchen with space for meetings and parties. The walk-out provides a spectacular view of the race course. If shade is your preference, shelter can be found under the upper-deck.

Our amenities are modest since, being a sailing club for sailors, our time is spent mostly on the water.

Fees that are associated with membership to The Louiville Sailing Club include:
  • One time initiation fee (variable depending on payment option)
  • Annual membership dues (variable depending on whether full, associate, junior or senior membership status)
  • Boat docking fees (variable depending on size of boat)

The shoreline docking provided by The Louisville Sailing Club makes launching and landing a breeze. Boardboats are kept on cradles and can be hand-launched from a seawall with only eight inches to water surface. Larger one-designs are kept on trailers or cradles and rolled to a power hoist. Because of the close proximity of launching facilities cars are not required and, in fact, not allowed on the lower landing area during peak activitiesLonger term storge is also provided for active club members on an upper landing, well above the rivers normal pool stage.

Full disclosure of fees and rates will be forwarded to you upon receipt of your application along with the Club by-laws. You will be pleasently surprised how reasonable the dues are to be a member of the Club, and likewise how reasonable the dock fees are structured. We must remind you though, that this is possible because of the do-it-ourselves attitude to maintain the operations and grounds which helps keep fees low plus develops comradship among members.

If The Louisville Sailing Club sounds like what will float your boat, print out a membership application and snail-mail it in or to have our Membership Committee get in touch with you please use our contact form. So roll up your sleeves and jump on board!

Dues Structure

    Initiation Fees
  • Required for full membership
  • Can be paid at once or on a time basis
    Full Membership
  • For active boat owners.
  • Includes all members of the immediate family
  • Full voting privileges (one vote per family)
  • Keyed access to grounds and clubhouse
    Associate Membership
  • For non-boat owners but active users of club facilities (i.e. regular crew, etc.)
  • No initiation fee. (Dues can be applied toward initiation fees upon full membership)
  • No voting privileges nor keyed access to club grounds

Docking Fees

  • Based on the formula (Length + Width) x $ factor
  • Due on an annual basis
Yard Storage
  • Boat storage for inactive boats which prefer to be left on Club property
  • Due on an annual basis