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Current Conditions

November 19, 2015

Fellow Sailors,

As your new commodore, I welcome the new year with all that it brings! Hopefully, the weather and conditions will hold for more sailing, more racing, and fellowship among our members and guests. 

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I would like to thank Pat Passafiume for the milestones he accomplished on his term as Commodore. The concrete and pavement on the docks will certainly be appreciated for years to come. Please send me any of your ideas that I may bring to the board for proposals next year. With the many poor sailing days we had this past season, it was tough to get in as much sailing as we all wanted. So, as commodore, I challenge everyone to sail your boat(s), all of them, next year. Please bring a friend and promote the club whenever possible. The club is like a second family to me and I appreciate all the members who have helped me become a better sailor. So, I feel I owe the club my best effort to support the membership and accomplish our goals, whatever they may be, next year.

Mike Sill, Commodore

LSC T-Shirts

Keith Kenitzer introduced club tee shirts that he has had made and are for sale to members.The first order will be placed December 1st, and should be available within a week. Payments should be made at the time of pick up. Pick up detail for picking them up will be announced when the shirts arrive. If someone wants a shirt with just the front or just the back, that’s fine too. Just let Keith know. Make checks payable to Keith Kenitzer. Any profit will be deposited into LSC's account.

Shirts are available in white or gray in all sizes. Children sizes also available. Send order to Keith Kenitzer.

Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking, $24  
Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking, $21  
Long Sleeve Cotton/Poly Blend, $20  
Short Sleeve Cotton/Poly Blend, $15  
Polo - Logo On Front Only, $24  
XXL - Add, $2  
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LSC Last General Membership Meeting
November 14, 2015
Commodore Pat Passafiume called the meeting to order at 8:55pm at North End Café on Frankfurt Avenue.

Minutes from last regular meeting were read by Secretary.  Stewart Bridgeman made a motion to approve minutes as read, Keith Kenitzer seconded, minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report from Eugene Cox: Club has $14k in bank (lower than usual due to projects completed this year).  Current membership is 48 regular members, 13 seniors, 4 associate members. We have 3 members less than last year.  Big expenses this year:  new fridge and concrete on the lower level.  Not much money available for capital improvements unless membership increases.

Fleet awards:

Thistle awards: presented by Neal Deaves. Only 10 races this year (including the regatta).
Charlie Bohn – 1st place – new fleet champion!!!!
Neal Deaves – 2nd
David Bauer – 3rd

Highlander awards: presented by Jim McBee. Highlanders had 18 races this year, not including the regatta.
Neal Deaves – 1st
Jim McBee – 2nd
Brent Deaves/Paul Terrien – 3rd
Laser awards: presented by David Bader. 32 races, 13 boats, 6 qualified.
John Bright – 1st
Scott Binzer– 2nd
Pat Passafiume – 3rd
Joe Burch – 4th
Cliff Vatter – 5th
David Bauer – 6th
Sunfish awards: presented by Eugene Cox. Averaged 9 sailors a race and raced 32 races.  Eugene presented ‘special’ awards to those who did not qualify:
Glen – recognized for the new sailor award; he took the honor of consistently being in last place.
Gina Kleinhelter – award for almost qualifying; she broke her toe so she couldn’t sail and was responsible for the bad weather.
Paul Terrien – thanked along with David Bauer for their dedication to running races and cheering sailors on.
John Pullateri – logged as on the disabled list for entire season.

Qualifying Division:
Pat Passafiume – 1st
Jim McBee – 2nd
Neal Deaves – 3rd
Keith Kenitzer – 4th
Eugene Cox – 5th
Scott Binzer – 6th
Jim Wilhelm - 7th
Zac Elkins – 8th
Joe Becheley – 9th
Mike Sill – 10th 

Pat presented the Sportsmanship Award jointly to Paul Terrien and David Bauer for their dedication and coaching during the Sunfish Tuesday night racing.

Pat presented the Louis Bauer Service Award to Jim McBee for his quiet and tireless behind the scenes work he does on our clubhouse boats.

Pat accepted nominations for the Rock award and Ed Craig was nominated and unanimously voted to receive the award for pulling his larger than the club could handle boat up the driveway, snagging the power lines with his mast and snapping it in two.  We now have a sign at the top of the driveway in his honor. 

2016 Slate of Officers:

Commodore  - Mike Sill
Vice commodore Rear – David Bader
Rear Commodore – Pat Passafiume
Treasurer – Eugene Cox
Secretary – Lisa Hart
Directors (returning) - Paul Terrien and Ed Craig (replacing Sid for his 2nd year since he moved)                             
Directors (new) - Keith Kenitzer and Joe Becheley             

Proposed to accept the slate of officers, motion made by to accept by Stewart Bridgeman, seconded by Stuart Ulferts, all approved.

Pat presented incoming Commodore Mike Sill with the renowned hat.

Eugene Cox adorned his wife Jenny with a tiara and crowned her queen of the club for the year.

Keith Kenitzer introduced club tee shirts that he has had made and are for sale to members.

Pat adjourned the meeting at 9:25pm.