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Current Conditions

July 16, 2015

Commodore Comments - Sailing Season Canceled Because the river refuses to cooperate, the sailing season is being canceled. We will have a decommissioning party this Saturday. Maybe that will make the river go back into its banks.


Seriously, we need to have a work party to see if we can get the log jam to move down river. Bring your swim trunks, life jacket, towel and water shoes. If we get the leading edge to break loose, the rest might follow by directing it to flow toward the middle of the river with the pump.

Also, if you have a weed eater, the grass around the boats needs to be cut. We hope to see you Saturday about 9:00 AM.

- Commodore Pat

This Week's Schedule

Check with your fleet Captain to see if it will be possible to sail during the week.

The river is scheduled to crest Saturday so as of this time there will not be any sailing this weekend.

Crew Duty Assignments

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Each individual is responsible to recruit a replacement if they are unable to fulfill their own obligation.

7/18-7/19: Jim McBee; Jim Wilhelm; Thomas Masser
7/25-7/26: Blue Grass Games & Fleet Racing: Cliff Vatter; John Parker; Tim Allen
8/1-8/2: Lisa Hart; Martha Hyatt; Casey Burns
8/8-8/9: Ray Kkeinhelter; Anne Pierson; Micky Gregg
8/15-8/16: Joe Burch; Scott Kremer; Bill Bockmon
8/22-8/23: John Bright; Pete Lachapelle; Thor Steffen

Upcoming Event

July 25: Bluegrass State Games
July 27: Beachland Beach Road Association Meeting at Club House

2015 Sunfish North Americans
- by Andrea Bright
(Andrea grew up at sailing at the LSC and has been Sunfish fleet champion many times. We are proud of you!)

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take part in the 2015 Sunfish North Americans at Rush Creek Yacht club in Dallas, Texas. We had a total of 58 competitors. 44 were from the United States and the other 14 representing 11 other nations. Many of the international sailors were using the North Americans to practice and train for the Pan Am Games in Toronto Canada. The juniors raced on Monday and Tuesday with Tuesday evening being the official welcoming party and Flag ceremony. The races followed Wednesday through Saturday. A total of 11 races were sailed giving the competitors one throw out. On Wednesday and Thursday, the winds were relatively light; around 5-10mph. The races were postponed in the morning in order to wait for the wind to come out of the forecasted southerly direction. We sailed one mile legs of twice around windward/leeward courses. Each race was around 1.5 hours long. The normal day was that we would start the races at 1100 and finish around 1730. Friday and Saturday the winds picked up a bit and were around 10-15mph. This was a lot better since the previous days, the downwind legs made you feel like you were just baking in the hot Texas sun.

Overall, I finished 28 out of 58 boats. I was the 16th American out of the 44. I am pretty happy with the outcome given I havenít really been too competitive with the Sunfish in the last couple of years. The Sunfish class is very welcoming to new members and I made a ton of new friends. I found that I have a lot to learn about the boat. It has many little secrets that I want to figure out.

Find the results here