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Current Conditions

July 09, 2015

Let's go sailing!

It appears that the river will be back in its banks by Saturday.  We need to have a work party to get the club back in shape after all the rain and flooding.

Read on...

If we can get this done Saturday morning, we should be able to get some boats in the water by the afternoon.   Zack Elkins and Lee Gerstle have washed a lot of the mud off most of the upstream docking area.  The Laser/Sunfish area need to be power washed to get the moss and mud removed. 

We also need weed eaters to cut grass around all the boats that were moved to the top of the hill.  The restrooms need to be cleaned. 

We need two power washers, many weed eaters and some people to get the club back in operation.

This Week's Schedule

July 11, Saturday 2:00 Thistle Racing
July 12, Sunday 11:00 Laser Racing
July 12, Sunday 2:15 Highlander Racing
July 12, Sunday 2:15 Flying Scott Racing
July 14, Tuesday 6:00 PM Sunfish Racing
July 16, Thursday 6:00 PM - Family Sailing - Bring the kids, the family or friends and spend a relaxing evening on the water.

Crew Duty Assignments

Crew Duties Click Here
Full List of This Years Crew Assignments Click Here

Each individual is responsible to recruit a replacement if they are unable to fulfill their own obligation.

7/12-7/12: Neal Deaves; David Bauer; George Lucas

7/18-7/19: Cliff Vatter; John Parker; Tim Allen

7/25-7/26: Blue Grass Games & Fleet Racing: Jim McBee; Jim Wilhelm; Thomas Masser

Handicap Fleet - All boat types (except Lasers and Sunfish) can race with the Highlanders or Thistles.  In addition for Highlanders and Thistles getting credit in their fleet results, they will also be recorded in the Handicap fleet. (Race Committee needs to keep time of each boat for Handicap Fleet results)

Upcoming Event

July 25, Bluegrass State Games Click for more info

Club Work List
  • Paint Down Stream Hoist  -  Paint supplies are in the lower level of the club house.
  • Build three cradles for launching Club boats.  There are plenty of 2"x4"s laying around the property.
  • Clean moss off north side of club house
  • Check gutters of club house and install missing gutter guard that is laying on the lower deck.

Identify Yourself

Please Identify all your property that is at the club. The stickers go at the foot of the mass or near the goose neck. One should go on the trailer next to the hitch. Identify the boat by placing a sticker at the starboard bow under the water deflector.