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River Rising

June 18, 2015

While the McAlpine Upper Gauge was reading only thirteen feet, the board boat area was quickly was floating the Lasers and the Sunfish.

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Neal Deaves family arrived for a night of family sailing.  He quickly sent out a call for help to move boats to the top of the hill.  Within two hours all boats escept one Highlander which was chained to the wall were safely secured at the top of the hill.  During the time boats were being moved, the river continued to rise at least three inches as a heavy rain was falling.

Thank to Paul Terrien, Neal, Kathy, Hardee, Adison Deaves, Jim Wilhelm, Scott Binzer, Ed Sprngeman and Jim McBee for their work.  Thanks to all those who showed up even though the work had already been done. 

Not all boats were placed on their owners trailer, but that can be sorted out later.