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Current Conditions

June 04, 2015
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This Week's Schedule

First Weekend of Fleet Racing

Handicap Fleet - All boat types (except Lasers and Sunfish) can race with the Highlanders or Thistles.  In addition for Highlanders and Thistles getting credit in their fleet results, they will also be recorded in the Handicap fleet. (Race Committee needs to keep time of each boat for Handicap Fleet results)

Saturday, June 6,  2:00 Thistle Racing
Saturday, June 7, 11:00 Laser Racing
Sunday, June 8, 2:15 Highlander Racing
Tuesday, June 2, 6:00 PM First Evening Sunfish Racing

Thursday, June 4, 6:00 PM First Evening of Family Sailing - Bring the kids, the family or friends and spend a relaxing evening on the water.

Crew Duty Assignments

6/6-6/7 Lee Gerstle; Ben Weible; Bob Tulenko
6/13-6/14 Brent Deaves; Paul Terrien; Patrick Scheen
6/20-6/21 Jpe Bechely: Bill Ryan; Tom Schiller

Upcoming Events

June 20, Sunfish "Sailstice' Race 6:00 PM
July 4, Styrofoam Cup Around the Island Race and Social
July 18, Bluegrass State Games

Thanks to Keli and Stuart Ulferts for providing lunch last Saturday. Not many items were swapped but there were a lot of swapped sailing stories.


River Cities Community Sailing Program has since 1997 offered a free Learn-to-Sail Clinic for youth (9 to 17) and adults (18 to infinity) at Cox Park on the second Saturday in June.  We plan to do it again this year on Saturday, June 13, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Registration begins at 12:30.)  We would like your help.  There are a number of areas where you can be of assistance—setting up, registration, teaching youth, working on the dock, taking youth and adults out sailing, and helping pack things up.  Contact Cliff Vatter.


Docking Assignments

This years docking assignments are posted on the window at the clubhouse.  Please make sure your boat is in the proper place and use the tied downs to ensure the safety of your boat and the boats around you. 

According to LSC's policy, a docking space is assigned to a member and that space will remain theirs through successive years.  Once a space becomes available, the dock chair will assign the open space to the member with the most club seniority on the waiting list.

For those with small craft, a request for a spot on the lower level will not guarantee a spot on the sea wall.  When there are to many request for lower parking for these boats, they will be assigned to a spot along the hill side of the lower level.

Five spots along the sea wall have been left vacant for launching boats that are stored top side and those assigned to a spot along the hill side of the lower level.  It is also possible to launch from the ramp near the down river hoist.  The dock chair is also working on creating an additional launch next to the committee boat.

If you have any questions about docking, contact the Dock Chair, David Bauer.


The Racing Season began this past Tuesday night with ten Sunfish on the starting line.  There were all skill levels and the age range was from five to old people.  The wind and current made the night interesting.  


Fill It Up

A new refrigerator has been purchased for the upstairs.  The upstairs refrigerator is replacing the one which died during this winters flood on the lower level.  It needs your help to be filled with soft drinks, beer, and water.  Please put in what you use!

Please Identify all your property that is at the club.  The stickers go at the foot of the mass or near the goose neck.  One should go on the trailer next to the hitch.  Identify the boat by placing a sticker at the starboard bow under the water deflector. 

Signal Flags
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