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Current Conditions

September 25, 2014
This weeks schedule...

No Club Racing This Weekend

Tuesday 6:00  Sunfish Racing

All good things must come to an end.  This will be the last Tuesday night for Sunfish sailing.   Since the sun is setting so early, racing will begin as soon as there is enough boats to race.  So, get there early. 

Captain's Quarters Regatta September 28,29

The Captain's Quarter's Regatta will be held the weekend of September 28th,29th.  The proceeds from the event goes to promote sailing classes for young people every summer.  The cost is $95.00.  Registration includes: two T-shirts ($13 each), two coupons worth $6 toward food at Captainís Quarters during regatta weekend, and two tickets for Captainís Quarters Sunday brunch ($18.95 each).  Additionally, thereís a registration party Friday evening with soft drinks, beer and snacks, and free beer throughout the weekend.

For more information on the regatta click here.

If you have any questions regarding the Program or Captainís Quarters Regatta contact Roger Kennedy. (502) 291-4260.

If you are not sailing, support our local sailors by being a spectator.


If your fleet decides not to race at the assigned time, please inform the Crew Duty group in advance.

Sep 27-28

Captain's Quarters Regatta


Oct 4-5

Highlander Bluegrass Regatta

All Fleets Sunday at 2:00 PM - Highlander Fleet Responsible For Race Committee

Oct 11-12

Fleet Racing

Jim Keller

Bill Bockmon

Andy Andriakos

Upcoming Events

Blue Grass Highlander Regatta October 4, 5

Saturday sailing for Sunfish beginning second Saturday in October

Sailing Rules

We Are Counting on You

The technology at the Louisville Sailing Club never ceases to amaze us.  For some time LSC has been counting all the  crushed cans that are being deposited in the aluminum can barrel.  It is a reminder to recycle aluminum cans and keep the club clean.  What will be next?  Will it be a spread sheet to determine if more soft drinks or beer is consumed?