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Spring commissioning

May 12, 2011
Even though the official commissioning of the club has been moved to 9:00, Saturday,  May 21st, there are still a number of jobs that need to be done. 

If you will not be able to attend the official commissioning or just have some spare time here is a list of thing to do.

Be careful where you drive so that you are not getting mud on your tires.

- Stack good lumber from down river fence behind the tool shed.

- Tool Shed - Take every thing off the floor of the tool shed and wash the mud out of the cabinets and floor.

- Restrooms - Wash out the mud and mop and clean the Restrooms.

- Cabinets Lower Level - Clean the mud out of the cabinets.

- Club House - move all cabinets and mop mud out of the lower level.

- Pick up all the roofing in the back lot. (Look for nail when you find pieces of roofing.)

- Recommission the Sunfish Bar for immediate use.

- Down River Fence - Remove Boats that are tangled on the fence and set them on their trailer.

- Gate - Raise and balance the gate.

- Chain Saw Work - Cut trees and branches off boats and fence. (Cut all branches so we can send them through the shredder. Larger logs should be cut the size for fire logs.) Make two or three piles in the open field so they can be shredded.