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Current Conditions

October 16, 2013

As the sailing season is coming to an end this month, and as you winterize your equipment, please take all your property in the bottom level of the club house home with you. This is necessary so that an inventory can be taken of what is left. There is an accumulation of “stuff” that needs to be identified and determine what to do with it. 

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Sunfish - October Season Thursdays 2:00

Another new category has been added to those who can participate in the October Sunfish series.  They are those who call into work or went home “sick”.  This series was advertised for all the Retired, Shift Work, Idle Rich, Unemployed, Students, and Furloughed Federal Employee Sunfish Sailors and recently added overqualified and underemployed.  Apparently, there is a large number of sailors that fit into these categories since we have had a great turn out the past two Thursdays.

Upcoming Events

October 20 – Beachland Beach Road Association - The Beachland Beach Road Association will be meeting at the LSC club house this Sunday night at 6:00 PM.  This is a chance for many of our neighbors that have never been to the club to grab a burger and enjoy the river with us. While we do not want to overwhelm our neighbors with a large number of club members, it would be good if a few members could help with logistics.

November 2 - Long Distance Race to Eighteen Mile Island with Derby City Sails

November 9 - Decommissioning 

The week's schedule at LSC.

Racing This Weekend – Attention Fleet Captains - If your fleet cancels racing this weekend, please call the race committee and inform them.

- Thursday, 2:00 Sunfish Racing

- Saturday, 2:15 Thistle Racing

- Sunday, 11:00 Lasers Racing

· Sunday, 2:15 Highlanders Racing

· Thursday, 2:00 Sunfish Racing

Club Duty

Saturday – Sunday September (10/19-10/20)
Fleet Racing with Eugene Cox, Patrick Scheen, Micele Sumpter

Saturday – Sunday September (10/26-10/27)
Fleet Racing with John Parker. Stuart Ulferts, Timothy Allen 

Club Crew Duties are posted on the club house window, 17 this link, and with the scoring sheets.

If you are unable to serve on the date assigned, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. If you exchanged dates with someone, please notify the Crew Captain and also please notify Keith Kenitzer.

The Way We Were

History of the Hill

Member Reservations for Club

The club is available for private functions at no cost to club members. In order to reserve the club for an event, contact Lisa Hart for reservations and guidelines.

Scheduled Functions: Sunday, October 20, 6:00 PM Beechland Beach Road Association