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Louisville Sailing Club
Big Fun In Small Boat Sailing!

Current Conditions

July 17, 2013
The river is down. The temperatures are predicted to be in the upper eighties. It is time to get the boats in the water this weekend.

Upcoming Dates:

Bluegrass State Games

Saturday, July 27

LSC is again hosting the Bluegrass State Games. This is a state wide sporting activity. Get ready for a great weekend. Medals will be awarded for each class of boats. If you know someone from out of town that would like to participate, please click here for more information.

We are in need of a couple more to volunteer for race committee to help John and Connie Emmerich. If you could help, please contact Cliff Vatter.

Venue: Louisville Sailing Club
Entry Fee: $25 per boat
Sport Commissioner: Cliff Vatter

Registration, 9-11 am
Skippers Meeting, 11 am
Race #1, Warning signal at 12 pm
Race #2, Immediately following Race #1
Race #3, Immediately following Race #2

Sunday, July 28

Mini Long Distance Cruise up river to Kleinhelter's

The Week in Review:

There has been no sailing for the past week because of River Conditions.

The road work was completed and was opened a few hours early. Please be respectful of our neighbors and travel slowly to and from the club.

The mud has been hosed off the lower level and most of the drift wood has been removed. The “gravel” areas still have a considerable amount of mud on them. Be careful until it dries. Thanks to Cliff Vatter, Eugene Cox, Bill Timmer, Stuart Ulferts, Jim McBee, Jim Wilhelm, Pat Passafiume, and Lee Gerstle for their work.

The committee boat will be recommissioned Friday.

Thanks From:

"Thanks for the heads up. I stopped by Sunday to say thanks for moving my boat, but no one was there. I l left a case of Coors Lite in the frig. I hope that is a good offering to the boat moving gods." - Joe Bechely

"Well done gang! Thanks to everyone who came down to the club and pitched in." - Keith W. Kenitzer

Email Addresses:

Time Warner is making all Insight customers change their email address. Anyone who has changed their email address, please email your new address so the club can update the distribution list and our records.

Here is the week’s schedule at LSC:

Racing This Weekend – Attention Fleet Captains - If your fleet cancels racing this weekend, please call the race committee and inform them.

  • Thursday, 6:00 Sunfish Racing
  • Saturday, 2:15 Thistle Racing
  • Sunday, 11:00 Lasers Racing
  • Sunday, 2:15 Highlanders Racing
  • Thursday, 6:00 Sunfish Racing

Club Duty:

Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21
Fleet Racing -Jim McBee, Jim Wilhelm, John Medley

Saturday, July 27
Bluegrass State Games -TBD

Sunday, Jul 28
Kleinhelter Handicap Race - TBD

Club Crew Duties are posted on the club house window, on the link above, and with the scoring sheets.

If you are unable to serve on the date assigned, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. If you exchanged dates with someone, please notify the Crew Captain and also please notify Keith Kenitzer.

Club Maintenance:

Trash Pickup – Thursdays is our regular trash pickup day. If you are at the club and the trash can has not been put outside the gate, please move it there. If it is still setting outside the gate after Thursday morning, please move it back to the club house.

Make sure all your trailers boats, sails and other equipment stored at the club has your name on it.

A commode in the women’s restroom needs to be repaired.

Host an Italian Student:

Sally Crespo is looking for a host for an Italian boy who loves to sail. "He will be arriving shortly, if we can find him a host for the school year. Hosts need be 25 or older, but they can be single or couples, with or without children. They commit to room and board only. Students come with their own insurance and spending money. I will help all year long with the placement, paperwork, school slot, etc. We like to place students into hosts with like interests, thus I am approaching you about Gianluca. Attached find a little more info about him. Feel free to call if anyone is interested. Thanks." - Sally Crespo, 593-0318

Pictures and Stories:

If you have pictures and stories to share with the club, email them to the Current editor.