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Current Conditions

July 11, 2013

Friday at 4:00 PM the prediction of the river was posted stating the river was going to rise three and one-half feet. By 4:30 the “Mud Crew” had assembled and began moving boats to the top of the hill.  They completed the task around 6:00.

Saturday, at noon the river forecast added an additional two feet to the prediction.  The water level was already so high that it was too late to move the floating docks to the top of the hill.  By canoeing out the docks, they were secured by a line to the docks leading from the base of the hoists.  If they were to break away from their mooring, it was hoped that the lines would keep them from floating down stream.  The committee boat, while dodging all the debris in the river, was maneuvered to Harrods Creek and taken out of the water.  The electrical boxes were removed from the hoist and stored in the club house.  Thanks to Pat Passafiume, Jim McBee, David Bauer, Jim Wilhelm, John and Connie Emmerich and Stuart Ulferts for helping to secure the club’s property.

Sunday night, the river crested about 3’6” above normal pool, which is well below Saturday’s prediction.  There was a build up of debris that we had pushed to the upriver end of our property that collected at the pilings. 

By Tuesday, it appeared that the water rose to the fourth step of the stairway.  That put it just above the new wall that was installed this spring.  There was virtually no drift wood that was deposited on the dock area. The floating docks rose with the river without any problem.  While there is no organization to the boats parked at the top of the hill, all have found a temporary new home.  In addition to river level changes, the May Flies are swarming.  Since they only have a very brief life span they should be gone soon.

While the river has receded all week, the prediction for the weekend is not good.  The current forecast calls for the river to rise again almost four feet.   It appears that there will be no sailing this weekend at the club.

Beechland Beach Road will be closed to all traffic Monday, July 15, and Tuesday, July 16 for road maintenance.  Any access to the club will be foot traffic only. There may be some preparation on Friday.

Email Address

Time Warner is making all Insight customers change their email address.  Anyone who has changed their email address, please send the new address to Happyhill@aol.com so the club can update the distribution list and our records.


 Here is the week’s schedule at LSC.

2013 LSC Calendar - http://saillouisville.org/lsc/index.php?p=4_8_Calendar

Racing This Weekend – Attention Fleet Captains - If your fleet cancels racing this weekend, please call the race committee and inform them.


· Thursday, 6:00 Sunfish Racing


· · Saturday, 2:15 Thistle Racing

· Sunday, 11:00 Lasers Racing

· Sunday, 2:15 Highlanders Racing

· Thursday, 6:00 Sunfish Racing



 Club Duty

Crew Duty Schedule Spreadsheet Link

Crew Duties Link


·        Saturday – Sunday July (7/13 - 7/14)  

Jul 13-14

Fleet Racing

Brent Deaves


William Ryan


Jim Nicolaus


  • Saturday – Sunday July (7/20-7/21) 

Jul 20-21

Fleet Racing

Jim McBee


Jim Wilhelm


John Medley



 ·        Club Crew Duties are posted on the club house window, on the link above, and with the scoring sheets.

·        If you are unable to serve on the date assigned, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. If you exchanged dates with someone, please notify the Crew Captain and also please notify Keith Kenitzer.



Upcoming Dates

Blue Grass Games July 27


Cruise up river to Kleinhelters’ July 28

Club Maintenance

Trash Pickup – Thursdays is our regular trash pickup day.  If you are at the club and the trash can has not been put outside the gate, please move it there.  If it is still setting outside the gate after Thursday morning, please move it back to the club house.

Make sure all your trailers boats, sails and other equipment stored at the club has your name on it.

Member Reservations for Club

The club is available for private functions at no cost to club members.  In order to reserve the club for an event, contact Lisa Hart for reservations and guidelines.  Scheduled Functions:

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner – Mark Darrow, Friday, July 12th


Host an Italian Student 

Sally Crespo is looking for a host for an Italian boy who loves to sail. He will be arriving shortly, if we can find him a host for the school year. Hosts need be 25 or older, but they can be single or couples, with or without children. They commit to room and board only. Students come with their own insurance and spending money. I will help all year long with the placement, paperwork, school slot, etc. We like to place students into hosts with like interests, thus I am approaching you about Gianluca. Attached find a little more info about him. Feel free to give my numbers out to anyone interested. Thanks. Sally Crespo 593-0318 sunbeam916@yahoo.com   (See attached PDF file.)               7/10