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Current Conditions

12 june 2013

Next up is the Sunfish Rally on Saturday, June 22nd. Racing will begin at 1:00, June 22nd for two to three hours depending on our stamina.


Registration is at noon EST.  It just a day of fun racing and no medals are awarded. Hot dogs and fixings will be served afterward.  Remember that any club Sunfish are available on a first come basis and you will need to find all the hardware yourself.

Handicap racing for all fleets will be Sunday, June 23, at 2:00. 

Docking Assignments

Docking assignments for Laser and Sunfish are posted on the window of the club house.  This year’s assignments alternate Sunfish and Laser slots in order to make it easier to rig on race days.  There are a couple of slips on the up river end that have not been assigned.  These are reserved for members that keep there boat elsewhere and for Catamarans.   Be extremely careful when launching boats from the ramp, it is very slippery.

Dock Assignments

A  L Gerstle

B  B Hart

C  J Bright

D  J McBee

E  J Bright

F  J Wilhem

G  P Passifume

H  E Cox

I  D Bauer

J  B Timmer

K  R Kleinhelter

L  G Kleinhelter

M  D Bader

N  M Harmon

O  J Bush

P  M Hyatt


R  K Kenitzer





2013 Club Directories

The 2013 Club Directories will be available this weekend in the club house on the ground floor.  Be sure to pick up your copy.  Thanks to Fanny Timmer for putting it together and Tim Allen for printing it.  

  Here is the week’s schedule at LSC

Racing This Weekend: Attention Fleet Captains - If your fleet cancels racing this weekend, please call the race committee and inform them.

Saturday, 2:15 Thistle Racing

Sunday, 11:00 Lasers Racing

Sunday, 2:15 Highlanders Racing

Thursday, 6:00 Sunfish Racing

 Handicap Racing is now available every Saturday and Sunday.

(Since the Highlanders are not racing this Sunday, there will not be Handicap racing June 2.)

Handicap Racing will have the same start as the Thistles on Saturday and the Highlanders on Sunday. All boats that start will finish in the Handicap Fleet. Thistles and Highlanders will also be recorded in their respective fleet. The race committee should record the time of all boats when a race is being run as Handicap.. (This is open to boats other than Lasers and Sunfish.)

 Club Duty

Club Duty Schedule is now posted to the website.

  • Saturday – Sunday June (6/15-6/16)   Joe Burch (Crew Captain), Scott Kremer, Bob Tulenko 
  • Saturday – Sunday June (6/22-6/23) Ray Kleinhelter, Andy Andriakos, Chris Johns

Club Crew Duties are also posted on the club house window and with the scoring sheets.

If you are unable to serve on the date assigned, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. If you exchanged dates with someone, please notify the Crew Captain and also please notify Keith Kenitzer

This Past Week

Seven Sunfish, five Lasers and numerous Thistles were able to take advantage of the winds to race around the marks.  The wind god did not provide any power for the Highlanders.  However, ever since Monday, the winds have been blowing hard enough to “blow your house in”.  Numerous members have been taking advantage of the ten to twenty mile per hour winds that have been blowing most of the week for a great “day” of sailing.

Rock has been added to the roadway.  Drive slowly down the road to help pack it down.

Thanks to Cliff Vadder for getting cushions repaired for the committee boat.  Maybe, we can get the committee boat running soon.

The air conditioner has been repaired but there is no guarantee how long it will continue to function.

Mooring bars have been added to the pilings.  Bumper boards will be installed soon.

 Member Reservations for Club

The club is available for private functions at no cost to club members.  In order to reserve the club for an event, contact Lisa Hart for reservations and guidelines.  Most folks do not care that the occasional sailor comes down to the club to use the facility while they have a ‘personal’ thing taking place - in fact, it may be entertaining!  Please be respectful to all our guest that attend any of these functions.  They could be potential prospects for our club.  Anyone that does use the club needs to make sure that it is cleaned prior to using the facilities and leave it in good shape at the conclusion of the event.

Scheduled Functions:

Terri Kenitzer Friday, June 14th

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Friday, July 12th

Upcoming Dates

 July 4th  Race for the Styrofoam Cup around Twelve Mile Island.

Last fall, the Beachland Beach Road Association had planned on having the road to the club coated.  It rained on the planned dates and so the coating process was postponed until this summer.  Beachland Beach Road will be totally closed to all traffic Monday July 15, and Tuesday, July 16.  Any access to the club will be foot traffic only.