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June 06, 2013

The River Cities Community Sailing Program has organized a Free Learn-to-Sail Clinic for the past 17 years.  This year’s Free Learn-to-Sail Clinic is Saturday, June 8, at Cox Park.

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There will be two clinics for youth 9 to 17 years old—one is from 1:00 to 3:00 and the other is from 3:00 to 5:00. The format of each youth clinic is to spend an hour on land talking about parts of a boat, nautical terms, how a sailboat uses the wind to move through the water and how to tie a few common knots. After that, the youngsters board boats provided by the Derby City Sailing Club and go sailing (assuming there’s wind) for about an hour. (If there’s no wind, they motor sail.)

There will also be an adult clinic that runs from 1:00 to 4:00. Its format is similar but the adults are on land for two hours going over much the same material and then they go sailing once the kids comes back.

Registration for the 1 to 3 youth clinic and the 1 to 4 adult clinic starts at 12:30. Registration for the second youth clinic begins at 2:30.

Here is the week’s schedule at LSC.

2013 LSC Calendar

Racing This Weekend – Attention Fleet Captains - If your fleet cancels racing this weekend, please callthe race committee and inform them.

Saturday, 2:15 - Thistle Racing

Sunday, 11:00 - Lasers Racing

Sunday, 2:15 - Highlanders Racing

Thursday, 6:00 - Sunfish Racing

Handicap Racing is now available every Saturday and Sunday.

Handicap Racing will have the same start as the Thistles on Saturday and the Highlanders on Sunday. All boats that start will finish in the Handicap Fleet. Thistles and Highlanders will also be recorded in their respective fleet. The race committee should record the time of all boats when a race is being run as Handicap.. (This is open to boats other than Lasers and Sunfish.)

Club Duty Schedule

  • Saturday – Sunday, June (6/8-6/9) Lisa Hart (Crew Captain), Martha Hyatt and Ben Weible
  • Saturday – Sunday, June (6/15-6/16) (Crew Captain),

Club Crew Duties are posted on the club house window and with the scoring sheets.

If you are unable to serve on the date assigned, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. If you exchanged dates with someone, please notify the Crew Captain and also please notify Keith Kenitzer.

Be sure to make sure the club is in good shape. Crew Duties are Attached.

Member Reservations for Club

The club is available for private functions at no cost to club members.  In order to reserve the club for an event, contact Lisa Hart for reservations and guidelines. Most folks do not care that the occasional sailor comes down to the club to use the facility while they have a ‘personal’ thing taking place - in fact, it may be entertaining! Please be respectful to all our guest that attend any of these functions. They could be potential prospects for our club.  Anyone that does use the club needs to make sure that it is cleaned prior to using the facilities and leave it in good shape at the conclusion of the event.

Scheduled Functions:

- Lisa Hart Wednesday, June 5th

- Terri Kenitzer Friday, June 14th

- Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Friday, July 12th

Upcoming Dates

Sunfish Rally     Saturday, June 22nd 

Classified Ads

Crew Search

If you are willing to crew, or if you are in need of crew, place an ad on the Crew Bucket or email your name and mail address to the editor. Please indicate if you want to crew or need crew on Saturday or Sunday. Keep in mind that most skippers are in search for someone that is committed to sailing almost every weekend.  Listings will remain on newsletter for thirty days or until notification to remove listing has been received.

Boats for Sale

If you have a boat for sale you can post it on the website Classified Ads for free. If you would like to list it on the LSC emails, send the information and your email address tohappyhill@aol.com.  You may include pictures.  Listings will remain on newsletter for thirty days or until seller notifies us that item has been sold.  

People Wanting to Purchase Boats

If you are looking to purchase a boat you can post your request on the website Classified Ads for free. If you would like to place it on the LSC Emails, send the information and your email address to happyhill@aol.com. Listings will remain on newsletter for thirty days or until individual notifies us that item has been sold.)