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Memorial Day Activities

May 23, 2013

This weekend has been set aside to celebrate and reflect upon all those who have made it possible to have a country like the United States of America.  Take a few moments to reflect upon its meaning.

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Long time member of the Louisville Sailing Club, Frank Durr, would say often that “You all are crazy thinking you can race before June 15th.  The river is never ready.” While the river is ready this year, the lower level of the club is not ready to launch boats. There has been major construction in this area. The LSC Calendar has been amended. There will be no formal racing this weekend but there are activities that have been put on the calendar. (If your fleet does decide to race, the fleet will need to provide its own race committee.)

Here is what is happening

There has been a great deal of construction work on the lower level of the club. The retaining wall looks great! The pilings have been installed. (Be sure to thank Pat Droppelman at Marine Sales for helping to coordinate several organizations that needed pilings.)  The top side of the club looks good and the club house is in good shape.

Click here for more  construction photos

Saturday 9:00 AM - LSC Work Day

What still needs to be done is: 
Power wash and install the floating docks; Install the hoist; Install the land mast; Launch the committee boat Wash the entire lower area with the fire hose; Bumper boards need to be replaced. 

Monday 2:00 PM

LSC will sponsor a shakedown cruse to Harrods Creek and back. (Of course, we would see the scar of the bridge cut. - Was that an editorial comment?) 

Your crew can either stop at Captain’s Quarters for a late lunch or return to the club for tube steak (hot dogs) and trimmings.  Come join the fleet for a leisurely afternoon of sailing.

2013 Sunfish Racing

This year the Sunfish will race on Thursday evenings.  First race will begin at 6:00 PM. Racing will begin Thursday, May 30th.If you can not make it for the first race, there is plenty of daylight to enter the other races that evening.  Come on out and have fun. Remember that club boats are available on a first come basis. None of the club boats have been outfitted for the 2013 season.

Upcoming date - Sunfish Rally - June 22nd

Pile Driving Video

Last week, Current Conditions included a link to a tongue-in-cheek video of alternative pile driving. Unfortunately, You Tube pulled that video.

Classified Ads

Crew Search

If you are willing to crew, or if you are in need of crew, you can post an ad for free on the Crew Bucket or can also send your name and email address to happyhill@aol.com. Please indicate if you want to crew or need crew on Saturday or Sunday. Keep in mind that most skippers are in search for someone that is committed to sailing almost every weekend.   (Listings will remain on newsletter for thirty days or until notification to remove listing has been received.)

Boats for Sale

If you have a boat for sale you can also post an ad for free on the Classifieds. If you would like to list it on the LSC emails, send the information and your email address to happyhill@aol.com.  You may include pictures.  (Listings will remain on newsletter for thirty days or until seller notifies us that item has been sold.)

People Wanting to Purchase Boats

If you are looking to purchase a boat you can also post an ad for free on the Classifieds. If you would like to place it on the LSC Emails, send the information and your email address to happyhill@aol.com.   (Listings will remain on newsletter for thirty days or until individual notifies us that item has been sold.)

Pictures and Stories

You can post your photos to the Gallery or you can share your pictures and stories with the club by sending them to happyhill@aol.com