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Louisville Sailing Club
Big Fun In Small Boat Sailing!


May 16, 2013

Last Saturday, more than thirty club members found a river receding, leaving what was once a clean lower level with a lot of drift wood.  That made it impossible to install the hoist and floating docks.  However, as the result of everyone’s labor the top side looks great.

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rc boat cleaningGutters cleaned and repaired, tire changed on the floating dock trailer, weed eating, tree trimming, committee boats cleaned and tuned, a rock toss on the hill as well as sweeping and cleaning has the top side ready for the 2013 season. Thanks to all who came Saturday and those of you who perform task earlier in the week. Here are a few things that still need to be done:

Club House



Club House Up Stairs


Repair Back Door




Club House Exterior


Paint Exterior Club House



Outside Jobs



Lower Level


Install Land Mast - Make sure all ropes are on the Land Mass


Install Hoists


Remove Nail from Bumper Boards Next to Water


Paint Hoist


Number Lower Dock Spaces


Move Gravel from Down Stream Boat Area




Power Wash


Wash Lower Level with Fire Hose


Pressure Wash Pontoons on Floating Docks and Committee Boat


Power Wash White Fence




Boats & Floating Docks


Install Floating Docks and Pontoon Boat






Adjust, Grease - Balance  Front Gate ???????


Identify Boats and Trailers


Secure fence to post around entire property

trimming mowing


Like the Louisville Sailing Club several companies and organizations are having trouble securing someone to drive pilings for their boats. Bill Timmer has found a way for the club to save money as well as getting the job done. The club is currently looking for volunteers.