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Louisville Sailing Club
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Commissioning Work Party

May 07, 2012
Our annual commissioning of the Louisville Sail Club is scheduled for this Saturday, May 12th at 9:00 AM.

work signAs part of club membership, all members are expected to help with the commissioning and decommissioning of the club. This is one way to keep our membership dues low. If you are unable to attend on the scheduled dates, pick a task(s) that needs to be done and do it as soon as possible.

The River Wins Again (Same as Last Year)
Once again the river is proving its power. The river is expected to be about two or three feet above normal pool Saturday. We will make a final decision Friday, as to whether to move the work party to the Alternate date of Saturday May 19th. Check your email Friday night.
River Conditions Link 

If we have to reschedule the Commissioning, sailors will be able to rig and clean their boats this Saturday. The upper level is high and dry. Also, move your boats so the grass can be cut.

For the work party we could use a power washer, small compressor, weed eater, and wheel barrow. It is also time to bring beverages to stock the downstairs refrigerator.

Work List
Recommission the Sunfish Bar for immediate use.
Chain Saw Work Move debris to block access along River Fields property line.
Move rock from down stream boat parking to fill hole near upstream hoist.
Secure fence around entire property.
Clean both drives to river.
Normal Commission Task
Outside Jobs
Adjust, Grease - Balance Front Gate
Arrange Boats in Upper Level
Install Land Mast - Make sure all ropes are on the Land Mass
Identify Boats and Trailers
Identify Club Surplus Equipment
Move Picnic Tables From Lower Deck
Install Hoists
Hang Child's Swing
Cut Limbs Off Back Fence
Cut Trim Low Hanging Branches
Secure fence to post around entire property
Put Out Water Hose and Make Repairs
Pick Up Trash on All Levels
Install Bumper Board By Land Mass
Install Banister on Steps to Lower Level
Clean Out Storage Shed
Hammer Down Nail Pop Up on Decks and Back Stairs
Power Wash White Fence
Clean Driveways to the River
Remove Nail from Bumper Boards Next to Water
Move Gravel from Down Stream Boat Area
Remove Tree From Down Stream Driveway
Bring Rock from Lower Hill to Top of Hill

Club House Exterior
Clean Outside Club House Windows
Check Gutter
Power Wash Decks and Back Stairs
Power Wash North Side of Club House
Power Wash Picnic Table

Club House Up Stairs
Clean Refrigerator Upstairs
Clean Stove
Clean Inside Cabinets
Turn on Hot Water & Check Timer Settings
Check Thermostat for Summer Settings
Clean Inside Club House Windows & Window Sills
Clean Closet
Teak Oil Plaques
Wax Floor
Drain Leaking under Sink
Wipe Out Oven

Club House Down Stairs
Clean Refrigerator Downstairs
Clean Inside Club House Windows& Window Sills
Clean and Straighten Sails and Equipment
Tung Oil Bauer Benches
Clean Windows and Window Sills.

Pressure Wash Pontoons on Floating Docks and Committee Boat
Check out Engines on Committee Boats
Install Floating Docks and Pontoon Boat

Need Power Washer
Several Chain Saws
Need Neal's Long Painting Pole for Window Washing
Weed Eater