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Awards Ceremony and Dinner

November 23, 2010
Saturday night at the 2010 Louisville Sailing Club Awards Ceremony, held at J Harrod’s Restaurant, was a great time in closing out the LSC season.
Even thought the LSC Glee Club will never be ask to sing outside of J Harrod's, they were able to sing a somewhat monotone rendition of Happy Birthday to Sue Terrien.  We sure hope no one will charge the club royalties but it is doubtful if any one really recognized the tune.
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This season's winners are as follows:

2010 Sunfish Awards (Presented by Eugene Cox)
4 sailors qualified; there were 27 races due to poor wind and heat conditions:
1st Place: Gina Kleinhelter
2nd Place: Eugene Cox
3rd Place: Jim Willhelm
4th Place: Bill Timmer
Jim McBee did not qualify but came in first in all seven races in which he participated!

2010 Laser Awards (Presented by Keith Kenitzer)
17 sailors overall, 74 races logged
1st Place: Pat Passafiume  (45 starts, total pts. 1.525)
2nd Place: Ray Kleinhelter (56 starts, total pts. 2.360)
3rd Place: David Bauer (42 starts, total pts. 2.590)
4th Place: Cliff Vatter (46 starts, total pts. 2.765)
5th Place: Joe Burch (35 starts, total pts. 2.875)
6th Place: David Bader (36 starts, total pts. 4.455)

2010 Thistle Awards (Presented by Neal Deaves)
9 sailors, 22 races logged
1st Place: Lisa Hart
2nd Place: David Bauer
3rd Place: Ray Kleinhelter
4th Place: Paul Terrien

2010 Highlander Awards (Presented by Bill Timmer)
7 sailors, 45 races logged
1st Place: Jim McBee
2nd Place: (tie) Paul Terrien & Brent Deaves
3rd Place: Bill Timmer

Louis Bauer Award: (for Service to the Club Above and Beyond the norm)
Jim Wilhelm

Bauer Memorial Sportmanship Award:
Ray Kleinhelter