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November 03, 2011
Empty Sails
Sunfish Highlanders and Thistles have completed their racing series for the season.

As events at the club come to a close for this season, please make sure that all your property is clearly marked with your name.   Label Trailer, Sails, Boats Cradles, etc.  Make sure that your boat is parked in an orderly fashion at the top of the hill.  If you have not check on your boat this summer,  it would be good to make sure that it is secure.  There are several boats at the top of the hill where covers have blown off and are full of water.
Club Duty November 7 - Paul Terrien, Jay Geil, Brad Kocian, - Club Crew is only for Lasers at 11:00 Sunday this week.  (Anyone unable to serve their duty on the assigned date is responsible for obtaining their own substitute.) 

Upcoming Events 
  • November 6 - Last Sunday for Laser racing

  • November 12 - Decommissioning work party 9:00 AM - One way that we are able to keep the low cost of membership at the club is the requirement for all club members to help maintain the club.  Commissioning and Decommissioning is part of that duty. If you can not participate on November 12, please do your duty at some other time.  Our top priority is moving rock from the bottom of the hill to the top in front of the club house.

    What goes up must come down.  That is what is happening to the rock on the hillside leading to the river.  Many years ago we use to have rock throwing parties to move rock back up the hill.  We have not done that in many years.  As the results, much of the rock is piling up at the bottom of the hill leaving the area in front of the club house exposed to a considerable amount of erosion.  On decommissioning day we will try to shore up the areas at the top of the hill by moving rock from the bulge of rock at the bottom of the hill.

    A work list is at the bottom of this page.

  • November 19 - Awards Banquet and Business Meeting  This years Banquet will be at JHARRODS on River Road.  It will start at 6:00 PM.  The cost is $20.00 per person plus a cash bar.  Be sure to respond to the invitation that was sent.   The minutes from the spring meeting are attached to this email.  If you have  a perpetual trophy, please bring it to the banquet.  Nominations from the floor will be accepted for the ROCK AWARD and the Sportsmanship Award.  Bring your best story.

Work List
Bring Rock from Lower Hill to Top of Hill
Remove Banister on Steps to Lower Level
Remove Land Mast
Remove Floating Docks
Pontoon Boat- Drain, Winterize, Bring Equipment to Inside Club House & Power Wash Pontoons
Remove Hoist
Bring Skiff to Top of Hill Winterize
Clean Refrigerator Downstairs - Give away all contents - Throw the Rest Away - Unplug
Clean Refrigerator Upstairs - Give away all contents
Fix Down River End of Soffet of Clubhouse
Turn Off Hot Water
Open Doors Under Sink
Check Thermostat for Winter Settings
Check Gutter Replace Gutter Guard
Put Ladder Inside Club House
Straighten Both Cabinets
Straighten Inside Club House 
Straighten Tool Shed
Secure Club Boats  (Put Club Sunfish on Trailer)
Arrange Boats Neatly on Upper Level
Identify Boats and Trailers
Identify Club Surplus Equipment
Secure Picnic Tables on Lower Deck
Bring Outdoor Furniture Inside
Take in Child's Swing
Drain Hose and Put in Storage
Trim Low Hanging Branches
Secure fence to post around entire property
Clean Branches from Back Fence Row
Several Chain Saws

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