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LSC Current Conditions

September 08, 2011
  • Upcoming Events
    • September 17 – 18 Thistle Regatta - As the result of a scheduling conflict with the Flur De Lis Regatta, the Thistle Regatta has been canceled.  
    • October 1 – 2 Highlander Regatta
    • October 15 – 16 Laser Regatta
    • October 22 Long Distance Race
  • Club Duty September 10 – 11: John Parker; Jay Geil; Kim McCastle; (Anyone unable to serve their duty on the assigned date is responsible for obtaining their own substitute.)http://saillouisville.org/lsc/index.php?p=4_3_Race-Committee-Crew

 Club House Reservations Correction

Lisa Hart’s number is 502-245- 4053. Email: kennyhart2@insightbb.com .

River Conditons
If you have ever had to pull boats up from the bottom level wading in water up to your knees, or when both driveways are covered with ice, you understand why it is necessary to watch the river levels when there has been significant rainfall in the upper Ohio River Valley.  Forecast for river levels for Markland and Cincinnati have been ten to fifteen feet above normal pool level.  So far, the Upper McAlpine is being kept at almost normal level at the club.  Thanks Jay Geil and Paul Terrien for securing many boats to the top level.  Maybe we dodged the bullet this time.  Better safe than watching boats go over the dam. 
http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=lmk&gage=mluk2   Use the left arrow to see what the river is doing up stream.

Pontoon Boat
Thanks to Jim McBee for adjusting the idle level in on the Pontoon boat.  It was tested in twenty MPH wind on rough water and never died.   When starting, push in and hold the key in constantly to activate the choke.

Captain’s Quarter’s Regatta

The Captain’s Quarter’s Regatta is scheduled for September 24th – 25th.  During the registration time on Friday, the 23rd, there has been a request for Lasers and Sunfish to have racing at the Captain’s Quarter’s.  There is an area where boats could be launched.  There would be no cost to participants.  Since sunset then will be 7:30, it would be necessary to be on the water by 6:00.  Talk with your fleet to determine if it would be possible to have a few races that evening.

Cold Showers

At some point during the past couple of weeks the hot water heater has quit functioning.  Upon examination of the unit, it has been determined that the fifteen year old unit should be replaced.  Several options are under consideration and hot water should return to the club soon.  (The option to put the black tank back on top of the roof to provide hot water is not an option!)

1970-1979 Louisville Sailing Club – “The Way We Were” –http://saillouisville.org/lsc/web_documents/1960-1969/index.html