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LSC Current Conditions - River Watch!!!!!!!!!!!

September 06, 2011
The good news is that we have not had to pull boats up the hill this summer because of rising river levels.
That might change.
With the inland movement of Tropical Storm Lee, the upper Ohio Valley is receiving significant rain.  While the local area may not see several inches of water, it is what happens upstream that affects the river level.  When the McAlpine Upper Gauge reaches 13.5’ to 14’ water begins covering’ the Laser/Sunfish area.  Anything above fourteen feet the rest of the lower area starts becoming covered.  Keep in mind that since the club is up river from the dam, the water rise at the club first and may be deeper than indicated by the dam measurement. 
The Corp’s web site is currently showing that the rise at several upstream locations is going to be six feet or more.  However, locally the charts are showing no rise.  (Is that really possible?)
Even though club members try to help each other by moving boats up the hill during extreme conditions, each boat owner is ultimately responsible for their own craft.
Here is a  link to the McAlpine Upper Gauge.  Use the left arrow to see what the river is doing up stream
Markland site
The skiff has already been brought to the top of the hill.  The pontoon boat is still in its mooring.
There are about twenty boats at the bottom.