Louisville Sailing Club


Louisville Sailing Club
Big Fun In Small Boat Sailing!

Schedule Updates

June 17, 2011

Club Duty June 18 – 19

Cliff Vatter, David Bader, Jay Geil

  • Regular Racing Schedule this weekend.
  • June 25th One Design Regatta
  • July 2nd Sunfish Rally  (All Fleets Race Sunday, July 3)


  • Wash Boats in grass to mimize the mud on the road
  • Label your boat, sails, trailer etc. anything else stored at the club
  • Stock Downstairs Refrigrator – Use what you need.  Bring more beverages to keep it stocked.
  • Sunfish / Laser sailors- If your sail is on the floor, hang it from the ceiling so we can identify club sails.
  • Park your boat around the perimeter of the club if there is space

Work Items That Need To Be Done:

  • Refinish damaged floor upstairs by sliding door
  • Create a drain to the outside in men’s bathroom 
  • Repair umbrellas upstairs under table or discard them
  • Make electricity available on the lower level
  • Secure Electrical Box to Upstream Hoist
  • Clean upstairs – Bring equipment downstairs
  • Plant Flowers in Planter
  • Power Wash White Fence
  • Fill in whole around upstream hoist