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Current Conditions

May 5, 2016

Saturday, May 14th, at 9:00 AM LSC will have it annual Commissioning Day. Just think, after a long winter, everyone will be able to launch boats soon. 

Read on...

Commissioning Day

One thing that keeps LSC as one of the cheapest and best kept secret in Louisville, is the labor donated by its club members. Part of everyone's dues is to participate in commissioning and decommissioning the club each year. In case you can not make it on the designated day, find something that needs to be done at the club and DO IT.

The work list is located at the bottom of this edition of Current Conditions.

Bring along your surplus gear and swap it with another sailor.

Upcoming Events

May 14th, Club Commissioning & Swap MeetMay 21st, Commissioning (Alternate date)

May 28th, First day of weekend Fleet racing

May 30th, Memorial Day Sail and Social

June 4th 1 pm, Joint Sail with Derby City Sailing Club (DCSC)

It Is Time To Make Your Payment

Invoices for the Louisville Sailing Club have been sent to all members. Please review it and adjust it for any additional boats that you have stored on club's property.

Commissioning Work List

Back Lot	 
Put Boats Back On Trailers
Pick Up Sticks, Rocks, Trash, etc. in Back Lot
Weed Eat and Cut Back Lot
Arrange Boats
Put Broken Cradle Wood In One Area
Put Piles of Branches Along Fence Line

Adjust, Grease - Balance Front Gate -Grease Gun in Storage Room
Cut Branches off Road at Entrance - Magnolia Tree

Bottom Club House
Remove Everything from Bottom Floor
Clean Everything That Is Taken From The Club House
Power Wash Bathrooms
Power Wash Floor of Storage Shed
Move Everything That Is Upstairs That Needs To Be Down Stairs

Club House
Club House Up Stairs
Clean Refrigerator Upstairs
Clean Stove
Wipe Out Oven & Stove
Clean Inside Cabinets
Wash Utensils
Turn on Hot Water & Check Timer Settings
Check Thermostat for Summer Settings
Change Air filter;
AAA Batteries for Thermostat AA for Hot Water Heater & Smoke Detector
Clean Closet
Teak Oil Plaques
Wax Floor
Repair Back Door
Clean Inside of Globes of All Ceiling Lights
Clean Windows

Club House Down Stairs
Clean Refrigerator Downstairs
Clean Inside Club House Windows& Window Sills
Clean Windows
Clean and Straighten Sails and Equipment
Tung Oil Bauer Benches
Sweep Out Floor
Clean Out Storage Shed
Move Picnic Tables From Lower Deck

Club House Exterior
Wash Outside Windows Upstairs and Downstairs
Clean Outside Club House Windows
Tool Check Gutters and Replace Gutter Guard over Shed - Is it draining correctly?

Repair Downspout Back Side of Tool Shed
Hammer Down Nail Pop Up on Decks and Back Stairs
Clean Moss on Club House Above Door

Outside Jobs

Lower Level
Bring Rock from Lower Hill to Top of Hill
Install Weather Station on Top Land Mass
Install Land Mast - Make Sure All Ropes Are on the Land Mass
Install Land Mass
Install Hoists
Install Electrical Disconnect Box for Hoist
Grease Upstream Hoist
Install Bumper Boards By Downstream Hoist
Take up Carpet on Sunfish Wall
Remove Nail from Bumper Boards Next to Water
Bleach on Sunfish wall
Number Lower Dock Spaces

Paint Upstream Hoist

Paint Swing Set
Hang Child's Swing
Clean Grills

Power Wash
Power Wash Decks and Back Stairs
Power Wash North Side of Club House
Power Wash Picnic Table
Wash Lower Level with Fire Hose
Pressure Wash Pontoons on Floating Docks and Committee Boat
Power Wash White Fence

Chain Saw
Cut Trim Low Hanging Branches

Boats & Floating Docks
Check out Engines on Committee Boats
Install Floating Docks and Pontoon Boat

Identify Boats and Trailers
Identify Club Surplus Equipment
Secure fence to post around entire property
Put Out Water Hose and Make Repairs
Install Banister on Steps to Lower Level
Clean Driveways to the River
Pump Up Racing Marks
Septic Tank Chemicals
Buy Gas
Move LSC Sign

Gas Power Washer
Chain Saws
Weed Eater
Leaf Blower