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Race Committee Schedule

June 02, 2011
The Louisville Sailing Club Race Committee assignments and responsibilities are now posted...

As we all know, one of the responsibilities of membership in the Louisville Sailing Club is serving on Race Committee. We have tried to limit everyone to just one weekend. Unfortunately that was not completely possible, so some members may have two weekends. We will make sure those that have two weekends this year will only have one next year.

There are three members assigned to each weekend, so it is imperative that everyone assigned to a given weekend show up and fulfill their commitment. The person listed as the Crew Captain should call each of the other crew members to help remind them of their weekend.

We have tried to honor requests regarding weekend availability. If you are assigned to a date that doesn't work with your schedule, please try and switch with someone or find someone to work in your place. Also, please notify the both the Crew Captain and me of changes.

Racing is the lifeblood of our club and good Race Committee makes racing more fun for everyone.

To review the RC schedule click here. Thanks for helping out.