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Styrofoam Cooler Challenge Results

October 26, 2013
The winner of the 2013 Styrofoam Cooler Challenge is:
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"Mayhem - David Hobbs"

Congrats to David Hobbs, Al Wolczyk, and Manuel Hurtado for the victory.  They disappeared around 12 mile island by choosing the opposite side from rest of the fleet and came out flying and passing everyone.  We'd like to say they used their engine, but they went from ahead of the fleet to behind the fleet with this tactic and had to use good old fashion sail trim to pass the fleet one boat at a time.  A small head sail in heavy winds turned out to be the secret. 

Congrats to Team Mayhem!!

It was a very windy day and which turned out to be an enjoyable downwind sail toward 18 mile island.  It was nice sailing on the northern end of our river.  At the turn around all the boats heeled over quickly and crews needed to get the weight on the rail and hold on. 

What a ride it was.  Good Times!!

Thanks to all teams for competing.

- Red Skies - Donnie Long

- Ms. Becca - Chris Adams

- Mayhem - David Hobbs

- Irish Moth - David Hobbs

- Houndstooth - Kevin Estes

- Dog House - Josh Alt

- and there were 2 unidentifiable boats following the fleet at different points along with one sunfish

See everyone at the Snowflake Race this Saturday.