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CCL Awards and Election Results

December 15, 2011

Special year-end awards were presented last night and final election results for 2011 were announced.

Awards results:

Cruising Award - Tony Deddens attended all the cruising events without having a boat in the water.

Shackle Award - Mike Schoenman nearly bled to death in an effort to complete committee boat duty.

Boonie Award - Ben Fussenegger ran aground during the Snowflake race and lost his anchor and line while trying to kedge off.

Trailer Hitch Award - Ben Fussenegger spent two hours and fifteen minutes pulling his boat out of the water.

Duck Tape Award - Pat Carrico blue painters tape for port window.

Our Lady of the Outboard Motor Award - Christine Taylor ran out of gas on the way to Mitch Hobbs.

Egregious Advertising - Steve Lennon $.89 fountain drinks.

2011  Election Results:
COMMODORE - Christine Taylor      

VICE COMMODORE - Susan Sherman       
SECRETARY - Bonnie Vogt             

TREASURER - Tony Deddens         

MEMBER AT LARGE - Ted Wathen & Connie Emmerich