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Bluegrass State Games Results

July 24, 2011

The winds were a good five to ten mph and partly to mostly cloudy. Saturday turned out to be a great day to host the Bluegrass Game. Even though the weather forecasters predicted the high temperature correctly, they missed the wind forecast. We hope they keep up the good work.  For the first time, S2’s participates as a one design in the regatta. Barry Sanders from Bowling Green made the trip to Louisville for the games.  In the future, maybe, we can promote the games in the state to increase our sailing base.- Jim Wilhelm, LSC



1. Mickey Greg
2. Al Wolczyk
3. Mike Parrino


1. Lisa Hart
2. Brad Kocian
3. Paul Terrien

1. Gina Kleinhelter
2. Barry Sanders
3. Eugene Cox


1. Pat Passisfume
2. David Bader
3. Joe Burch