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Cow Bell Regatta: a successful event

October 14, 2015

The purpose and mission of the Cow Bell Regatta is to promote involvement from both clubs in Louisville and have a casual racing event for everyone.

Read on...

We had 18 boats participate with 3 fleets.  Around 50 people raced and ate at the cook out.  On short notice, this was a nice turn out and had the perfect weather for racing.

We had 4 races using 2 different races courses at the same time with the start and finish line in the middle.  The race committee was George Sims, Debbie Sims, Lynn from Annie and owner of Third Street Dive, and myself.

Thanks to George and Debbie for allowing us to use their yacht for race committee.  

Thanks to Lynn for donating the keg of beer and basically keeping everyone on the race committee boat organize.  She really took control and kept things organized.

It was a casual event using the VHF radio to communicate the starting sequences, course changes, and announcing lunch breaks on the water.

The Cow Bell Regatta only gives trophies for 1st place boats in each fleet.  The winners are below along with the other participants.

JAM fleet winner: Houndstooth 5 points (1,1,1,2)

SPIN fleet winner: Alyzk 6 points (3,1,1,1)

Sunfish winner: Passifume 4 points (1,1,1,1)

Sportsmanship Award: Mike Kmetz (Hailing boats without VHF the course changes)

Other Participants:

Green Grabber 8 points
Aurora 11 points

Ripple 10 points
Greggarious 12 points
Burgoo 12+ points
Arriverderci 21 points
Room4Crew 23 points

Bauer 9 points
Deaves 11 points
Sill 19 points
Wilhelm 19+ points
Bohn 25 points
Timmer 30 points
Glen 35 points
Gerstle 36 points

Thanks again for playing.  It was a great day on the water. I look forward to seeing both clubs participate in events like this in the future.